Philosophy of Education

Public School: A Conversation with Kmele foster and Dr. Gregory Salmieri

Episode Summary

Kmele Foster and Dr. Gregory Salmieri join Matt Bateman for a critical discussion of public school. Is it compatible with free speech? With parental custodianship? Do we need it for cultural unity? How should we evaluate school choice proposals? Kmele is the co-founder of Freethink Media (, and co-host of The Fifth Column, a libertarian podcast that covers political and social issues. ( You can find Kmele on Twitter, @kmele. Dr. Salmieri is a senior scholar of philosophy in the Salem Center at the University of Texas, Austin. He holds the Brigham Fellowship for the Study of Objectivism and is director of the Center’s Program for Objectivity in Thought, Action, and Enterprise. Dr. Salmieri is the co-editor of "A Companion to Ayn Rand" and "Foundations of a Free Society".